Fuel usage comprises up to 85% of the total cost of electricity supply to a mine and related processing operations. The resulting implication is that the most significant power station performance evaluation criteria for KPS clients is fuel efficiency and availability of generation capacity required.

KPS provides a guaranteed fuel efficiency performance (net of power station parasitic and auxiliary loads). Rather than merely providing the pass-through of a conditional equipment manufacturer guarantee undertaking, KPS itself provides this guarantee. KPS has successfully managed and mitigated fuel efficiency risk by performing the following:

  • Equipment selection based on demonstrated “in field” efficiency performance in similar ambient temperate conditions and geographical location;
  • Securing and encouraging highly productive personnel to manage and develop performance enhancement innovation; and
  • Continuous evaluation of new technology opportunities including: low temperature waste heat recovery and intake cooling for maximum efficiency performance per unit of electricity supplied; and development of “low cost” dual fuel conversion technology on standard diesel solutions.